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Aeroflex / Metelics
"I am really pleased to see Aeroflex / Metelics aligned with such a professional, capable and responsive agency as yours."
Geoffrey D. Smith
V.P. Marketing
Aeroflex Microelectronic Solutions
Philippine Center Management Board
"First and foremost, thank you for being passionate about this project. You could just not imagine how the 100 advance copies made everybody happy during the short program when the Ambassador was here. The Consul, of course, was very pleased and happy."
Ricardo Sison
Acting Business & Property Manager
YA Tittle Insurance
"THANK YOU! The presentation folders arrived today and they are spectacular. Everyone is very pleased. Thanks again!!!"
Julie Sargis
Marketing Director
"ASCI is an excellent resource for design and communications needs. The CD-Rom presentation you created for Interplast has helped the organization gain the largest grant in its history."
Marie Fox Ellison
Vice President for Development
ASCI, advertising, publishing, marketing, clients
print, web sites, multimedia, investor relations, banners, manuals