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Joerg Habermeier - President & CEO, Producer, Creative Director

Equipped with in-depth experience in communications, marketing, advertising and IT/business consulting, Joerg took over operations of ASCI Advertising & Publishing, Inc. in mid 2004. He arrives from CSC's Consulting Group to pursue his life-long aspiration of providing dynamic communications solutions through a full-service agency under his direction. Joerg draws from his multifaceted experience managing and developing online technology and marketing solutions for clients in various industries, ranging from Fortune 500 companies (e.g. Proctor & Gamble, Johnson Controls, DuPont/Dow, Fidelity, Schlumberger) to start-ups (e.g. DataPlay, GlobalSpec) and state/government institutions (e.g. New York and Massachusetts state Medicare agencies).

With a European-American background, his broad communications work experience, Masters degrees in life sciences and engineering from Yale and Tufts Universities, as a published photographer and hobby music composer, he brings an outstanding and broad range of knowledge, expertise, unique perspective as well as positive energy to every project.
Juergen Habermeier, Ph.D. - Marketing Director; Business, Science & Technology Advisor

Juergen bestows ASCI with an extensively deep business development background uniquely combining science, business and marketing experience and expertise. He understands the development of companies and their needs for appropriate marketing communications in the different stages of their life and for their different constituencies.

He earned his Ph.D. in Polymer Science and Technology from the University of Stuttgart (Germany). His expertise in organic chemistry, polymer science and life sciences led to more than 110 patents during his work with Ciba-Geigy in Basel, Switzerland and Ardsley, NY.

He completed in-depth training in International Marketing (INSEAD, Paris, France) and became responsible for the leadership of the Ciba-Composites Division and its merger with Hexcel Corporation. He served as President, COO and Vice-Chairman of Hexcel. His strong interest in strategic marketing and strategic leadership afforded his business many coveted customer awards (e.g. Boeing President’s Award).

His experience spans strategic management and leadership, including: a position as a member of the Board of RHR International and authoring a relevant textbook for the University of Washington, Seattle, which the faculty of Chemical Engineering used in programs for Boeing executives.

Micah Freedman - Senior 3D-Animation and Graphic Artist

With a background in computer-animation, illustration, graphic design, programming, information architecture, web design, web application development, and acting, Micah's diverse experience is a perfect match for the wide range of communications solutions we provide our clients. He specializes in blending technical and visual design in creative and innovative solutions. His client project experiences include: Space Systems Loral, DKNY,, Thomson Financial, Estee Lauder, Silicon Graphics, Ernst & Young, and Hitachi.

Micah is a graduate of Stanford University where he majored in Science, Technology & Society, an interdisciplinary program in which he combined studies of computer science, design, aesthetics, history and philosophy.
Irene Castillero - Retail Marketing Strategist

Irene specializes in marketing strategy for consumer retail businesses. Her expertise ranges from creating effective local and regional promotions and advertising campaigns, implementing or improving in-store merchandising, to product selection and development.

Irene comes to ASCI with 20 years of restaurant experience, including 10 years with Black Angus Restaurants, where she most recently worked as a Director of in-store marketing. Her experience includes creating and directing all merchandising inside the four-walls of the restaurant, from menu strategy to design production. Additionally, she has worked on numerous other projects such as broadcast promotions for TV and Radio (on-air tastings, cooking segments, interviews), local events (food festivals, community affairs), and print advertising.
Florence Blore - Operations Manager

With a degree from the Rochester Institute of Technology, Florence has accumulated in-depth expertise and experience in graphics arts, printing, publishing and advertising. Before joining ASCI, she was active working for advertising agencies in New York, Cleveland and Denver, including the Broadcast Advertising Department at Eastman Kodak. She has also co-owned a printing business, providing her with an in-depth understanding of the graphics and publishing processes.

She specializes in managing our print, publishing and production projects, where her experience, innate planning skills and attention to detail are most appreciated by our clients and all of us at ASCI. She enjoys the multifaceted nature of projects for clients ranging from small to large, including, companies such as: Siemens, Computer Associates, Adobe, Apple Computer, Coherent, HP, SGI, and Fujitsu.
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