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Every interaction your customers have with your company affects their relationship with you. Make them feel good and taken care of through all stages of the sales process and you maximize your companyís potential. Carefully maintain and enhance your customersí loyalty by meeting or exceeding their expectations in every interaction they have with your company. Itís a philosophy that comprises all pre-sales, sales, and post-sales interactions, including:
  • Advertising & Marketing: do the images, messages and brand promise of your print, radio or TV advertising effectively capture the attention of your target audiences? Do your marketing materials effectively educate your customers about your products and services? Does your brand identity and "look & feel" and/or "voice" of your communications strategically reflect and project your intended image?
  • Web Site: does your site enable users to complete their intended tasks easily and quickly? Does your site appropriately reflect the professionalism and quality of your brand, product or service? Does your site make it easy to compare and select services and products?
  • Product Packaging: does the overall look and feel, organization, and packaging of components reflect the productís price and customerís expectations?
  • Post Sale Positive Reinforcement: what is your company doing to make the customer feel great about the purchase before they used or received the product or service?
  • Instructions & Manuals: are they complete, well written and illustrated to ensure customers can easily set-up and/or operate the product? Great manuals not only reinforce a customerís positive emotions about your company, they also reduce your costs for customer care and service.
Itís not rocket science, but
Ö it does call for determined attention to details and the consistent application of a coordinated, consistent and well defined advertising and marketing approach.

If you can make potential and existing customers feel cared for through all stages of the sales process: getting their attention, consistent reinforcement of the right image and message, an easy and friendly buying process, and paying off on the brand and product/service promise, you dramatically increase the probability of repeat business and word-of-mouth advertising through referrals from satisfied customers.
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