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Understanding & Creativity a perfect combination
Understanding is both the underlying requirement and desired result of effective communication. And we considerate ourselves to be a very understanding group.

We feel strongly about understanding both your business and your target audiences very well. This is the basic platform for creating clear, effective communications between you and your customers.

So, in addition to our full range of creative design talents, experience and educational backgrounds, we are in a position to bring extensive business, science, hi-tech manufacturing, marketing and management experience and knowledge to the table. Our multifaceted staff features:
  • a Ph.D. in polymer science and technologies
  • two masters degrees in life sciences and systems engineering
  • extensive experience in strategic and international marketing, management and leadership
  • in-depth business and internet communications consulting experience for a wide range of industries, including: Health Care, Grocery/ Retail, Travel, Law, Education, Hi-Tech Engineering/ Manufacturing, Life and Medical Sciences, Environmental Engineering, and Human Resources, and Fund-raising/ Non-Profit
  • hands-on experience in market research and testing
  • direct experience in printing and publishing processes and technology
ASCI, advertising, publishing, marketing, clients
print, web sites, multimedia, investor relations, banners, manuals